DJHL RBC Program Award Winners Announced

The DJHL RBC Program wrapped up its season with an Awards Banquet at Glendenning Golf Club on Saturday. Here are the various award winners:

RBC Hawks - Nathan Ryan, RBC Falcons - Matteo Rotondi, RBC Scorpions - Evan Wicks, RBC Cobras - Tyler Gosse, RBC Wolverines - Mark Corbett, and RBC Jackals - Michael Weir

RBC Warriors - Andrew Percy, RBC Gladiators - Brett Hudson, RBC Guardians - Dawson Didham-O'Toole, RBC Crushers – Steven Abbott, RBC Thrashers - Patrick Hurley, and RBC Generals - Mitchell Gladney

Hawks - Noah Jones, Falcons - Ethan Philpott, Scorpions - Nick Carter, Cobras - Alex Froude, Wolverines - Liam Guiney, & Jackals - Jack Hopkins

Warriors - Ryan St. John, Gladiators - Michael Reid, Guardians - Nathan Carter, Crushers - Zach Hawco, Thrashers - Devin Stockley & Generals - Tyler Lee.

BANTAM ‘A’ All-Star Team:
Dawson Durdle, Forward, RBC Generals
Jordan Winter, Forward, RBC Crushers
Steven Abbott, Forward, RBC Crushers
James Clarke, Defense, RBC Crushers
Devin Stockley, Defense, RBC Thrashers
William Dyke, Goaltender, RBC Generals

PEEWEE ‘A’ All-Star Team:
Tyler Gosse, Forward, RBC Cobras
Justin Hepditch, Forward, RBC Wolverines
Evan Wicks, Forward, RBC Scorpions
Liam Morgan, Defense, RBC Cobras
Drew Sheppard, Defense, RBC Hawks
Adam Baggs, Goaltender, RBC Jackals

Thank you to Christina Marshall for capturing today's banquet photos for our Twitter.


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