Bantam Draft Results Posted


Our League Info page now has the complete list of players selected to our four Bantam AA and four Bantam A Scotiabank teams. Parents and players will be contacted in the coming days by coaches regarding practices that begin next week. 

Our Bantam AA Head Coaches are Cory Brothers (Privateers), Jamie Tobin (Gladiators),  Darrell Mugford (Spartans), and PJ Power (Centurions). Our Bantam A Head Coaches are John Cullen (Crushers), John Barrington (Generals), and Randy Power (Guardians). A Head Coach has yet to be recruited for the Thrashers. Any coach with suitable qualifications should email the League and djhlnews@gmail.com. While coach recruitment is ongoing, parents of Thrashers players will be contacted shortly regarding practice times.

The League player registration fee for the DJHL Pooled Program is set at $1,200 this season. Parents can watch the web site for an announcement as to when the payment portal will be open and the deadline for payment in full. 


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