2019-2020 Edition of the DJHL Begins October 28th!


With the try-out season behind us and all players placed for the coming season, the DJHL official regular season begins on Monday, October 28th. The DJHL footprint will be larger than ever as we expand to 16 pooled teams from 12 and increase to 49 Association-based teams from 40. The re-introduction of AA pooled teams in Peewee and Bantam is sure to deliver an exciting high-end calibre of hockey. Elsewhere, the introduction of divisional play in Bantam C, Peewee C, and Atom C and D will ensure rep hockey will be at its peak for the 2019-2020 season.

Special salute to all team staff volunteers across all 12 divisions of the DJHL who are at the core of making things happen for the 1,105 full-time players in our League.