Pooled Hockey Try-out Process Released

Pooled Hockey Try-out Process Released

The 2020 edition of the DJHL try-outs for selection of players in the Scotiabank Pooled Hockey Program for U13 AA and U15 AA (each division with 8 teams of 11 skaters and 2 goalies) will take place starting on September 28th. This year’s try-outs are unique given the many restrictions and considerations in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


o   Each player will be guaranteed a minimum of 3 hours try-out time

o   Players will be placed in groups of 4 teams (max of 50 players) and players cannot move between groups. Therefore, no requests to attend different sessions outside of the group to makeup for missed time will be entertained.

o   Try -out teams will consist of maximum 2 goalies and 11 skaters (minimum 4 defense, maximum 5 defense, minimum 6 forwards and a maximum 7 forwards).

o   Teams will play three 50 minute scrimmages each. There will be no skill sessions. Goalie sessions will not be held (so that bubbles are maintained).

o   Three will be a Head Evaluator per Division. The Head Evaluator will be joined by three Evaluators, assigned to either Forwards, Defense, or Goalies.

o   A Rink Coordinator/COVID Communications Person will be assigned to both Division Try-outs to handle jersey distribution, COVID-19 questionnaires, and record parents/fans attending each session.

o   Head Evaluators will be responsible for providing the League with a list of selected players to join division returnees.

o   Final League rosters in pooled hockey will consist of 2 goalies and 11 skaters per team. In total, there will be 36 defense, 52 forwards and 16 goalies. Some teams, at the Head Coaches discretion will draft a fifth defense instead of a seventh forward. 

o   There will be no APs due to COVID-19-related health restictions.

o   Try-outs will be followed by two one-hour scrimmages per team that will be attended by the Evaluators and appointed Head Coaches.

o   After scrimmage sessions for returnees and newly selected players, Head Evaluators will present League with list of players ranked in descending groups of 8 players for Draft purposes.

o   Draft Nights will take place the week following the end of scrimmages sessions held for scouting purposes.


Rosters and schedule to be posted by Friday night.