Lots of Change in 2022-23

Lots of Change in 2022-23

The 2022-23 edition of the Don Johnson Hockey League will bring a unique combination of changes to division formats. These changes are the result of decisions rendered at the provincial level with Hockey Newfoundland and Labrador (our governing body) and through a planning process involving area Minor Hockey Association Presidents and members of the DJHL Operations Committee.

With the return of U15 AAA Minor to full provincial league status, featuring pooled teams under the banners of Tri-com Thunder and St. John’s Hitmen, the DJHL will, in turn, offer a four-team U15 AA Minor pooled division. This division will be permitted to have body contact by HNL given that it is pooled. Below this division will be a U15 A Minor division featuring club-operated teams hosting games in mandatory 1.5 hour time slots.

In U13 AAA Minor, HNL is continuing with its series of monthly exhibition weekends and a provincial championship to decide the representatives for the Atlantics. To avoid double-carding (players being on more than one team all season), the DJHL has agreed to supplement this provincial exhibition schedule by offering a three-team U13 AAA Minor division. All three teams will be pooled from the Metro region and play under the banners of St. John’s Hitmen, Tri-Com Thunder, and a yet to be named new sponsor. The U13 AAA Minor teams will be owned and operated by HNL and, therefore, have status similar to that of any club teams within the DJHL. The try-out process for selection of the U13 AAA Minor teams will solely be the responsibility of HNL. However, players will be registered thereafter with Hockey Canada through the DJHL and pay a full League registration fee.  Below U13 AAA Minor will be a U13 A Minor division featuring club-operated teams hosting games in mandatory 1.5 hour time slots. No U13 AA Minor pooled division will be operated in 2022-23.

U11 Minor remains unchanged, with division club play at U11 A and U11 B.

In our Scotiabank Girls Hockey Program, the U13 AA Girls division is back for Season 2. The League will stay with a four-team pooled circuit, but reduce the full-time roster to 10 skaters and one goalie per team. The DJHL will offer the same approach with the expansion into U15 AA Girls. The latter division will see the introduction of four new team names and uniforms that celebrate the legacy of our game in the Metro region. All players wishing to also compete on Eastern Ice Breaker AAA teams at the Girls U13 and U15 levels, must play in the DJHL Girls AA Program.