Girls AA Hockey Expands!

Girls AA Hockey Expands!

In addition to our U13 AA Girls Division, the DJHL will expand this season into U15 AA. While U13 AA girl players can only register with their DJHL team, U15 AA girl players have to be registered with their Metro club team to qualify for the DJHL pooled program. Our U13 AA division will normally offer two games and two practices per week, while our U15 AA division will offer one game per week and one practice. It is assumed that U15 AA players will also play one game and one practice at Metro club level per week. DJHL Girls AA hockey will continue to be two-line and one hour time slot games. 

The double carding arrangement in U15 assures that Metro club teams have adequate players to ice full teams. This hybrid arrangement will only be in place for one season. 

The DJHL requires female players to choose between the Girls stream and the co-ed Minor stream. For example, a U15 player cannot be rostered on one of our Girls AA teams and also play on any Minor team - only Girls Metro. Also, like last season, U13 AA Girls cannot register on any second team. The one exception to all of this policy is in regard to the add-on HNL AAA Program. In this regard, girls are allow to play on U13 or U15 AAA teams for HNL exhibition weekends as long as they are on one of the various DJHL Girls AA teams.

APs at both U13 and U15 can only be named from Metro League rosters.

In cases where U15 Metro Girls schedules clash with DJHL AA schedules, players are excepted to attend the latter more competitive level of hockey. Coordinated scheduling amongst organizers should mitigate such situations. 

Watch the League website and Twitter for exciting news on the four new U15 Girls AA team names and logos in the coming days!