Do Better

Do Better

The Executive and Operations Committee of the DJHL has been very concerned of late regarding the conduct of players, coaches, and parents, both on and off the ice in our Minor Divisions. This negative trend applies to a small minority, but that minority is very disruptive to our game and shows a clear lack of respect for what the DJHL represents. The number of incidents before the HNL Maltreatment Committee from our League is indicative of the gravity of our problem.

With the League ready to launch again as of January 2, League officials will be making a concerted effort to monitor the actions of parents in the stands, coaches on the benches, and players on the ice. We expect everyone to simply Do Better. The goodwill shown by all teams in their Christmas charity efforts needs to carry forward into our own rinks. League Officials will not hesitate to instruct a referee to stop a game until identified disruptive and disrespectful parents are removed from the rink. The conduct of players and coaches will also be held more accountable and the Executive will not hesitate to hand out disciplinary action. A sad, but necessary, warning.

When a player from the opposing team gets a penalty, don’t clap and jeer in the stands…Do Better

When a referee misses a call, don’t berate him or her from the stands…Do Better

When a player skates by your bench, don’t as a coach address him in a derogatory manner…Do Better

Don’t use Twitter and Facebook to launch toxic commentary towards others and the League…Do Better

This list could go on, but you get the message. Time to relax and let the kids enjoy the game. Do Better


Tim Power

DJHL Director of Operations