New Play-off Format has Less Shoot-outs

New Play-off Format has Less Shoot-outs

This post-season teams and fans will see less of the dreaded shoot-out to determine play-off game and series outcomes. Instead of having games that are tied at the end of regulation time decided by shoot-out in each game of a Best of Three series, ties will stand as teams race to be the First to Four Points in a series. The First to Four Points will apply to all divisons except GU15AA, where each series will be a First to Five Points since this division does not have a Provincial Championship to also compete in.

UPDATED: In each First to Four Points series, if neither team has reached 4 points after three games, then a series winner has to be decided in Game 4. Therefore, if necessary, a shoot-out will happen in any Game 4 if teams are tied at end of regulation time. Allowing for a possible game 4 removes the scenario of a team winning in regulation time to extend the series, but being forced to do a shoot-out after the final buzzer. 

Shoot-outs in the GU15AA First to Five Points series will only happen at the end of Game 5 if both teams are tied in points at the end of regulation time (in other words, neither team reached 5 points alone). 

Check out the Play-off Tracker and Play-off Format per Division documents on our League Info.

Unless stated otherwise, play-offs will begin shortly after the regular season (all posted on line) is completed in each division. Start dates will vary accordingly but players can expect to continue with post-season play in their regular time slots.